Triton Innovation was founded and incorporated in October, 2013 by Steve Spanjers.  We are located in Tillsonburg, ON.


Steve Spanjers is the founder and President of Triton Innovation Inc.  Prior to this, he worked in both the machine building/integration field, and also in the manufacturing field.  

He was Vice President of Andor Robotic Solutions from 2000 to 2006.  During this time, he oversaw the growth of the integrator/machine builder from just two employees to approximately 30 when he left in 2006.  Sales increased by 7400% over this period!

An opportunity at a manufacturing company presented itself in 2006, and Mr. Spanjers left for Marwood Metal Fabrication where he remained until 2013.  At Marwood, he was Assistant General Manager, VP of Operations, and Director of Engineering at different points.  During this time, he focused on improving the existing equipment, as well as the new equipment that was produced and procured.

Mr. Spanjers' knowledge of both the automation/integration industry, and the industry which they serve (manufacturing) gives Triton a unique perspective on machine building.  We understand value, productivity, efficiency, safety,