Who we are, and what we do

Triton Innovation Inc. is a machine builder/systems integrator that is focused on saving clients money through improved processes and efficient equipment.  We focus on advanced data collection and analysis techniques built into the equipment to enable the end user to measure the equipments efficiency over time and help to pinpoint bottlenecks in production.

The power of data...

Manufacturing has been the same for many years.  Advancements in consumer electronics have not filtered into the industrial space.  At Triton Innovation, we want to change manufacturing.  We want to give you access to the data that is already in your machine, and we want to tie it into your existing systems (ERP, MRP, MES, etc.)


Everyone is concerned about safety.  From the top floor to the shop floor, we all need to leave work safely.  On top of that, rising WSIB/insurance costs make safety a top priority for everyone.  At Triton Innovation, we use the best in safety controls to ensure that we can produce safe equipment that is also highly productive.  We accomplish this through the use programmable safety controls that allow us to tightly control safety inputs and outputs without adding cost to the cell.

Gantry robots loading CNC lathes, milling machines, spline rollers, etc.