The following is the text from the Tillsonburg Connects Newsletter that is put out by the town of Tillsonburg.  I thought it would be good to post here as well.

The Town of Tillsonburg is pleased to welcome Triton Innovation Inc, a recently established machine builder/systems integrator, to the community! Triton’s services range from integrating data into processes to giving machines the power of sight (enables more complex tasks to be performed) to making robots collaborative (humans and robots working together in the same space)!

While the manufacturing sector is very dynamic, many companies have not fully taken advantage of advancements in technology to better manage their production processes. Integrating technology into industrial processes has been coined “Industry 4.0” (see Industry 4.0 sidebar on Page 4) and this term is becoming more widely known. More importantly, leading edge manufacturers are taking steps to make their businesses more agile and better able to respond to changes in consumer preferences and the implementation of technology.

Triton is a pioneer in cyber-physical systems, which are a merger of physical equipment and the virtual model of that equipment. This system enables a synchronized simulation of a robotic system and can lead to a shorting of the cycle between design and launch of a product. This can lead to robots that are essentially “self-taught”! This technology can also lead to improvements in workplace safety.

While Triton is a recent start-up company, the staff has over seventy years of integration experience and has been involved in many innovative and exciting projects over the years. At Triton, they aim to improve processes and make equipment more efficient while reducing costs and improving revenue streams.

For more information on how to implement technology into your company, please visit or contact Steve Spanjers at (519) 842-0127.

Here is the newsletter in its entirety: